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We offer efficient and accurate testing services at a competitive market rate, with the added value of data-driven technical narratives that you can use for developing future products and writing compelling case studies.

Our Services

Expert Test Design

with state of the art equipment.

Data Collection

accurate and dependable data.

Emissions Testing

for on-road transportation.

Analytics & Reporting

measuring is our mission.

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We focus on collecting real world data by working with all engines and all fuels, including electric vehicles. Our clients rely on us to design, execute and report on real world performance of their products. We serve a variety of markets including OEM’s, government, academia, fuel producers and R&D teams. 


Validate product claims, create powerful case studies and generate compelling facts developed by a third party. Your data will not only prove a point, it will be used to tell powerful stories. Our specialties include in-use and lab testing using PEMS and PAMS, development of client emissions lab capabilities, and data visualization and storytelling.


We provide expertise in test design, measurement consulting, emissions testing, data collection, analytics, and reporting. We specialize in designing and executing technology and performance validation tests. You have our promise that the data we collect will be accurate, significant and valuable.


We leverage close relationships with regulatory agencies and test labs to create a scalable solution for companies around the world. We also leverage your data – not only for complicance and analysis – but to also tell powerful stories that inform your effots and help grow your business.

Andrew Burnette, CEO

Andrew Burnette’s 30-year career includes consulting with public and private sector clients to study the effects of mobile source emissions, developing regulations to reduce air pollution and helping to bring new fuel efficiency and pollution reduction products to market. For the past 15-years he has specialized in deployment of in-use testing or lab testing using portable emissions and activity measurement systems, development of client emissions lab capabilities, and grant writing.

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